We were delighted to work on this project in Belfast which involves some very tasty workmanship from the Electrician, Joiner and Plasterers to achieve a seamless lighting design on a budget. The concept for this project initially came from the client who had sourced some higher end fixtures which were unfortunately out of budget. We worked with the Client and Electrician to achieve the same design and lux levels using a variety of main stream products.

To achieve the integrated LED Blue Line we used a deep section Aluminium Plaster in profile which allows the plasters to skim right up to the edge and for the tape to sit far enough back in the profile to avoid being visible. The LED tape used is a 28.8W p/m High Density Blue IP20 Tape from Teucer LED.

For the integrated track we had the Joiner create a boxed space with studding to accommodate recessed box spotlights. The painters primed the space in Black before the luminaries were put in place and the plasters skimmed to the edge leaving a clean cut edge with excellent light distribution.

Photo’s were supplied by the Electrician – Nicky Watt

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